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Betty Crocker Wanna Be

6 Dec

Cooking… I do it, I enjoy it, and I like to think I’m somewhat decent at it, but to be honest, I’m not the one to just ‘wing it’ and come up with those exquisite 5-star dishes. That is left to my talented, amateur-all star-chef boyfriend. Typical Sunday ritual, we rummaged through several old issues of SAVEUR (our favorite culinary magazine), and after an hour of “no, this looks better”, “no that does”- we finally agreed on Chicken Paprikash.

My job was measurements, making the dumplings and stirring. Total cook and prep time was an hour. Then voila- we were devouring a juicy chicken breast stewed in a sweet paprika pepper tomato sauce with a side of dumplins mixed in with fresh parsley.

I highly recommend this dish, and thank you Olga Kolozy. Full recipe here at SAVEUR.com.