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Butler Basketball is Making Moves

26 Mar

WOW, WOW, WOW- how about those Butler Bulldogs?

After last night’s incredible 63-59 victory over No. 1 seed Syracuse, Butler is headed to the Elite Eight and hopefully back on the road to Indianapolis for the Final Four. It was your classic David vs. Goliath, man vs. boy match-up and Butler came out on top. So to all you Syracuse fans, especially those who think funner is a word, SAYONARA- Butler is making moves!

I played basketball for nearly 15 years and learned the game is about a lot more than just skill. Here are a few of my personal mottoes- looks like Butler has these down pat.

  • Play as a team.
  • Play with heart.
  • Hustle… on and off the court.
  • Stay focused.
  • The least important thing is the score at halftime.
  • Never, ever give up!