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Inspiring Photography

12 Aug

As I mentioned in my previous post, photography is a hobby I use to get motivated. However, to be perfectly honest, I have not devoted much time to taking pictures in quite awhile. Despite the fact I am still on the hunt for a new camera, I need to spend more time exploring the great outdoors and experimenting with lighting, shadows, color, etc. All thanks to a post I saw on the Web Design Ledger, and the photography of Hoosier, Angel Canary- my new goal is to get back into the groove of taking pictures. Hope to share some with you all very soon.

Click on the images below to see where I find my photography inspiration.

I’d love to follow more photography blogs, if you have any favorites to share- please leave a comment. Cheers!

"Window of Happiness" Monique

Reflective Lighting- Web Design Ledger

Natural Light- Web Design Ledger

Local Favorite, Angel Canary


A Passion Fearless of Limitation

3 Mar

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”

In a world sometimes clouded by fear and endless worry, there is still one bullet-proof method, in my opinion, to deal with it all. Expressive Art- whether it be music, painting, sculpture, photography, dance or writing.

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting a musician who has truly captured the soul behind expressive art. His raw lyrics, strong stance, calm beat, soothing voice, and genuine honesty have given me a hundred plus reasons to keep his music playing over and over again. His work has helped me find comfort in my experiences with love, trust, pain, fear and peace. And for that, I am thankful. He sings, he writes, he plays guitar… but most importantly, he does it with passion.

His name is Clarence Greenwood. His music is Citizen Cope.

Clarence Greenwood, Citizen Cope

If you’re not already, go and type his name into Google so you can enjoy a nice tune while you finish reading this post. Or if you’re lazy, just click here for one of my favorites; Sideways, Healing Hand, Let the Drummer Kick or Pablo Picasso.

I enjoy music from all styles, genres and cultures, but the way to my heart is to elicit emotion. Make me feel something, give me goosebumps, make me move. Using his own inspirations and experiences, Clarence began the “rebel street music” movement and has since delivered an unforgettable spiritual sound on and off stage.

So whether it’s a good day or bad, music with passion has the power to heal, to elevate, to love and to inspire. What music do you love?

**Huge thanks to 92.3 WTTS for hosting the studio show. Also, be sure to check out Citizen Cope’s latest album, The Rainwater LP- it hit stores yesterday! And hopefully the next time I meet Clarence is over a cup of coffee and a guitar lesson- I have many questions.

Indy Favorites

1 Jul

After living in Indianapolis for almost 23 years now, exploring the food and culture of the city has always been a favorite past time of mine. Anything unique and locally owned has a special place in my heart (and wallet)! Here is a list of some of my favorite Indy favorites. Feel free to chime in and share your own!

811 E Westfield Blvd

Bazbeaux Pizza (Broad Ripple Village) By far the best pizza Indianapolis has to offer. The BR location is perfect with outdoor seating both on the roof & the patio. Other than its delectable pizzas, Bazbeaux offers a wide variety of Italian cuisine. Definitely start off your meal with a carafe of house red vino & the award winning garlic bread. For dinner, I recommend the Bazbeaux Special with pesto sauce and andoullie sausage or the BBQ pizza. And don’t forget to order the side salad- so worth it!

543 Indiana Avenue

543 Indiana Avenue

Zing Two words: love it! The modern décor, trendy atmosphere and upbeat jams all contribute to this outstanding and unique dining experience. The concept of ordering ‘small plates’ allows you to try more dishes at a cheaper price. With over 75 choices on the menu, you can’t go wrong. My favorites include: pan seared pork tenderloin wrapped with capocollo w/ mustard ale sauce over grilled vegetable salad with mint pesto & pine nut gremalata AND zing zing shrimp buttermilk battered with garlic chili dipping sauce AND warmed goat cheese served with tomato sauce. Check out the website for the brunch menu and a ton of awesome drink specials. And best of all, both of the owners are Butler University graduates.

6327 Guilford Ave

6327 Guilford Ave

Artifacts (Broad Ripple Village): Located next to the Corner Wine Bar (another local hot-spot), Artifacts is a unique gift shop with high quality, inventive products. If you are looking to step out of the box and give an artistic/inspired gift, Artifacts is the place to go. I love the wide selection of jewelry, ceramics and knickknacks. Of all the gifts I have given and received from Artifacts, I couldn’t be happier. The hippie/nature loving feel keeps me coming back time and time again.

The Lawn at White River

The Lawn at White River

White River State Park: To be perfectly honest, words cannot describe the tranquility that comes with stepping foot on the grounds of White River State Park. With so much to do in one place, you could spend a whole weekend exploring this one area. Besides the canal, trails and grassy pastures, you will also find the White River State Gardens, Eiteljorg Museum, IMAX Theater, Indianapolis Zoo, and Victory Field. Not to mention, Indy Jazz Fest, Taste of Freedom and an awesome summer concert line-up on the Lawn.

Chicago Dog

Chicago Dog

King David Dogs (Downtown and Airport) I have to admit, I have only been here once but that was all it took. I was fortunate enough to participate in Indy’s first Taste Casting event at KDD. Developed from a recipe over 70 years ago, these signature ¼ lb. all beef hot dogs are served grilled or steamed to perfection. Depending on your taste buds, there is a dog for everyone, and if you not- you can build your own. I recommend the Chicago Dog, tater tots and onion rings. So whether you live in the area or just here for a visit, this is a perfect, in-expensive treat everyone can enjoy!

Other local favorites include: Brugge (order the Triple de Ripple and Moules Frites), St. Elmo’s shrimp cocktail, Broad Ripple BrewPub, Connors, Indianapolis Museum of Art and Yats!

I am always looking for new places to go and new foods to eat, what are your Indy favorites?