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20 Jul

Oh the agency life…

I haven’t been in the PR field for long, but my work at an agency has given me a concrete understanding of what to expect in my PR endeavors. Agency life is exceptionally eventful; never a dull moment here in the office. However, I have come to learn there are particular skills you must possess/acquire in order to succeed at an agency. Obviously, I don’t know many since I just graduated, but here are a few I have discovered over the past 10 months.

In order to help young PR professionals like myself, please share your advice/suggestions for what it takes to thrive in an agency setting.

Multi-task: You may be working on 4-5 accounts at a time; each one requiring just as much attention as the others. Being able to effectively allocate enough time to each account is essential to meeting clients’ needs and exceeding expectations. The ability to jump from working on one client to another certainly comes in handy when opportunities arise! But always pick up right where you left off- this isn’t the time for unfinished business.

Delegate: Know exactly what it is you CAN do and exactly what it is others can do for you. Utilize your interns and work with other account executives to bounce off ideas, proof-read, calculate ROI, and find new opportunities. Agency life is a team sport- it takes a posse!

Think on your feet: The flair to provide quick and meticulous responses at the drop of a hat comes from a true understanding of your client’s business. Do your research, stay up with current trends and know what you are talking about. Most people don’t have time for bullshit, so cut to the chase and get to point- fast!

Organization (especially when pitching): Plain and simple, keep the inbox clean! The more organized you are, the fewer mistakes you make. Create e-mail folders for each of your clients that specifies what actions need to be taken (i.e. follow up, Google alerts, new pitches, internal information, etc.). I personally still enjoy writing things down, so pick up the pen and paper and record things the old fashion way too! Same goes when using your planner, have an electronic and tangible copy of everything.

Work with a sense of Urgency: Deadlines don’t wait for you so don’t let an opportunity pass you by. PR is not an 8-5 job, make yourself available and respond quickly to opportunities. Wouldn’t you want a reporter to do the same?

Commitment: Give it your all! All relationships, no matter what, evolve from a committed and trusting foundation. An exceptional PR professional knows the importance of strong dedication to his/her company, clients and the industry. Don’t you want to be exceptional?

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