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Radiant Shopping Bag Designs

30 Jun

The team over here at Y&L did a killer job on these new shopping bags for Silver in the City. I have a tremendous amount of interest in package design and visual arts, therefore I enjoy sharing designs that catch my eye.

The combination of the wooden texture, bright colors and designs, and the nifty phrases that run alongside the edges make these new shopping bags pop! The distinct patterns on the outside give a subtle hint as to what you might find inside. Best of all, re-purpose the bag as wrapping paper! 


Artsy Fartsy

26 Jun

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Growing up, children are under the impression that talent is pure skill. And while there is some truth to that, I have also learned that true talent comes with passion. A passion to grow, to learn, and to challenge yourself. For me, finding my “true” talent wasn’t as easy as it is for most. I had so many interests it was a challenge to pursue only a few. Eventually I realized, with some skill and enough passion- anything was possible. So, here is a collection of my low-level work in graphic design, photography and drawing; stemmed from my curiosity in nature, texture, patterns and color. It’s all very simple, nothing Picasso about it. I need to keep at this sort of stuff…