Resturant Radar

5 Jul

While we definitely enjoy hitting up the farmer’s market and making most dinners at home, I’ll always have the urge to check out what’s new with Indy’s dining scene. I’m a huge fan of the local food movement and am always curious to try new places.  Before the end of the year, I’d like to make it, at least once, to each of the the restaurants listed below. If you’ve dined at any of these before, please leave a comment with a few recommendations, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Bon Appetit!


One Response to “Resturant Radar”

  1. Chris McCormick July 8, 2011 at 6:06 pm #

    10 01 Food & Drink = Nice atmosphere. Slow service because they’re new. Get the Fish Fingers appitizer, it was fantastic! They have all/only local beers on draft.

    Rick’s Boatyard = Meh…but you do get to unlock the “I’m on a Boat” badge on Foursquare if you checkin’.

    The Tamale Place = They catered the Sun King Brewers dinner last year. Very good.

    I’m interested in trying the others as well.

    – Chris

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