Low Blow

22 Jun


I must admit the recent termination of Metromix Indy and the 60 + staff cuts at the Indy Star are extremely frustrating, especially for a PR professional. Indianapolis is already such a small media market (especially for being the 13th largest city in the United States) and I hate to see it shrink even more. Print media has encountered a rough few years, but I am confident many can be successful moving forward- especially if they spend time developing a strategic plan for dominating the digital landscape. I’ve noticed recent improvements with Indy Monthly and Indianapolis Woman, but some of those changes were long overdue. Staff has been cut and everyone has more on their plates now than ever before, but it is important to constantly stay one step ahead.

What also frustrates me is that another outlet in the city has decided to ridicule the loss of another media outlet, ahem, the latest edition of NUVO. Not only did NUVO post an article about the recent loss of Metromix, but they decided to print ‘RIP Metromix’ on this week’s cover with a graveyard image- I think that is taking it too far, and too soon. Is there nothing else going on this week worthy of the front page? I can certainly think of a few things. The article makes some good points, but the image and general tone might have been too much. What I also found to be interesting is that not one person wanted to have their name attached to the article, it says written by NUVO editors.I suppose NUVO is taking a united approach that they are thrilled Metromix is no longer invading in “their territory.”

I’ve worked with NUVO countless times for a number of clients so while I do appreciate the work they are doing, I think they should have handled this situation with a little more class. It could have easily been the other way around. This isn’t to say I am going to stop reading NUVO or pitching them my story ideas, I simply think they should be aware of their poor decision.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people at Metromix Indy and the Indy Star for their hard work and passion for the city of Indianapolis. I am a regular reader and will certainly miss you at the newsstands. Please find a way to break through the digital clutter; I need you, my clients need you, but more importantly- this city needs you.


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