A Business Approach to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint and Living Well

15 Apr

I’d like to start off by saying how lucky, and thankful I am to work in an environment with such an extraordinary and innovative group of individuals. Each person brings something unique to the table, allowing for us to continually learn from each other and our diversified, yet collective interests.  Now to the point… I think it’s safe to say the most IT guys stick to computers and other nerdy, tech things 🙂 Well, at Young & Laramore we are proud to not only call our IT guy, our IT guy, but also our new appointed CeVO, Chief Environmental Office. Aaron Kohn has big plans for how we, as a company, can reduce our carbon footprint, and live well. He kicked off the week with a stellar presentation of all the little and big, ec0-friendly changes happening around the office. I hope that you each will take something away from this and eventually share this with bosses, co-workers, friends and family.

Here are just a few things we’re doing at Y&L to help make our community and work environment a better place:

  • BIKES: Our agency supplies 4 bikes that employees can ride around throughout the day. Whether you are off to lunch, a client meeting or just want to get some fresh air, the bikes are available for anyone to use at anytime. Tuesday I spent my lunch hour biking down the Cultural Trail to the canal; it was perfect. Aaron has also added some bike racks outside, as he hopes to have 50% of the agency biking or walking to work by mid-summer. Lofty goal, but totally possible.
  • FUN FACT: Over the past year, Y&L has done over 5 tons of recycling, everything from paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and even electronics. Are you giving your employees places to recycle? Are you encouraging it?
  • NEW INITIATIVE: Trash cans will be removed from individual desks and be replaced with blue recycling bins, encouraging people to think twice before throwing stuff away. This is part of a goal to reduce our unrecyclable waste to less than 10% of our total waste, and maybe even reach 7 tons of recycling this next year.
  • COMPOST & GARDENS: We are adding a compost bin in the kitchen. Why? Because we are planting a community garden to eventually provide free, healthy, organic vegetables for all. Right now we have four raised beds filled with a mushroom compost mix, but we hope to try and high yield vegetables such as tomatoes, radishes, cucumber, beans and herbs in the coming year.
  • CONSUMPTION: We are also working to reduce consumption, and have signed up for an online portal that tracks our consumption, utility rates and plots its against local weather data. More to come on specific goals in this area, but you catch my drift.

Is your business on board? What other fun things would you add to the list to help reduce your company’s carbon footprint?

Kick off presentation (awesome display by Aaron)


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