Journalists! Say something

10 Dec

To those journalist who are prompt about responding to pitches, thank you! For those of you who aren’t, here is a plead to at least say yes, no or maybe so. I take time to craft and personalize pitches to send to journalists I know cover specific topics, it’s always nice to see a response come through.

Today, I followed up with a reporter on a pitch I had sent her Monday, she quickly replied with, “I’ll respond to you when I have a chance. Thanks for your patience!” Less than three hours later, she responded saying, “Sorry about the rushed response from earlier this morning. It’s very hectic right now. Yes, please do send some additional information on client XXX. I am interested in publishing a column or working on a Q&A session together.” Patience is a virtue and manners are appreciated.

I know we’re all busy, but it takes a half a second to respond to an e-mail. And less than two minutes if you are interested. I understand e-mails get lost every now and then, but do yourself a favor and keep your inbox clean! We (PR people) want to be respectful of your time and busy schedules, but we have a job to do too.

So whether it is yes, no, maybe so or gimme’ more- something is better than nothing! And, if my pitch was awful, please tell me that too; constructive criticism and practice are the only ways to improve.


One Response to “Journalists! Say something”

  1. DL December 10, 2009 at 5:29 pm #

    truth…but apparently that is asking a lot. it’s also worth mentioning that if they’re not interested, it’s very easy to say no thanks and we’ll stop stalking them. it’s a concept. good post!

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